Ueberschall Elastik Studio Works

تعداد : 1 DVD
1.8 Contents of Great Britain, 1082 Loop 414 and the only sounds

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اگر شما این محصول را خریداری کنید 90 امتیاز هدیه به دست خواهید آورد . معادل 90 تومان پول در کیف پول کاربری شما ذخیره میشود .

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Ueberschall Elastik Studio Works

1.8 Contents of Great Britain, 1082 Loop 414 and the only sounds


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Studio Works marks an ambitious new milestone in live sounding, funk-filled, organic loop content. Diverse variations of Soul and sub-genres are provided for each instrument choice, with top notch players providing unique character and originality to their phrase treatment and articulation. We set out to capture the best of the “Studio A” session feel using premium analog gear with proprietary mixing and mastering methods. Zero MIDI quantizing was desired or applied for the purposes of this release, thereby retaining the live human-made vibe in all phrases and grooves.


 This 1.94 GB package is immensely compatible with Soul, Funk, Retro, RnB, Acid Jazz, House, and Downbeat sound environments. In addition to construction kits, a substantial selection of individual phrases are also provided. These kinds of tones and the broad range of variety included offer a universal appeal for countless additional genres, old, new and hybrid. Musical purposes of varying scales and mediums can benefit from this classic sound treasury. Studio Works provides a convenient way to access a variety of full bodied, naturally enriched tone without having to setup, engineer, schedule and oversee sessions under tight budgets and time restraints.


Features of Studio Works:

 – 1.8 Contents of Great Britain, 1082 Loop 414 and the only sounds

 – No Midi (natural, lively feeling artistic)

 – Live recorded Tools (the real sources of tools, not from synthetic dsp)

 – Best equipment studio (check the list of analog mechanism),

 – Playing professional musicians (experience, skill and included exposure)

 – Inspired by jazz and acid am fearfully

 – It brings a natural touch to any song (great alone or to increase the feeling of living in the digital part)

 – Player Elasik for harmonious synchronization with each project

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در این پک آخرین ورژن الاستیک پلیر 2 و الاستیک پلیر 1.5 و آموزشهای ویدئویی مربوط به الاستیک پلیر به صورت رایگان به شما اهدا میشود




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