Ueberschall Elastik Pop Ballads

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بهترین لایه های قابل ادیت تنصیف های پاپ از کمپانی اوبرشال

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اگر شما این محصول را خریداری کنید 97 امتیاز هدیه به دست خواهید آورد . معادل 97 تومان پول در کیف پول کاربری شما ذخیره میشود .

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Ueberschall Elastik Pop Ballads

بهترین لوپهای لایه ای تنصیف های پاپ از کمپانی اوبرشال


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Pop Ballads grants you access to the melancholic and emotional facet of modern and classic pop music. Each of the 14 complete songs delivers a well composed Pop music arrangement, which has its own unique tension, mood and style. Pop Ballads includes essential pop tempos between 60 – 100 BPM. You’ll discover everything which is necessary to create your very own love, melancholic, romantic and of course uplifting song.


 The close to 4GB weight Sample Library is filled with more than 900 samples, of precision engineered, pristine instrument recordings. All the fundamental sounds needed for a professional Pop production are available, like: drums, acoustic guitars, amped guitars, strings, acoustic pianos, e-pianos, percussions, basses, Rhodes, synthesizers, and much more. Each instrument loop features a sound customized and tailored to mesh especially well with the Pop Ballad / Soft-rock genres. Additionally this material can be used to „touch-up“ works with the extra shimmer, gloss and richness which has been sculpted into the development of each supportive part.



 All of the 14 song-oriented construction kits are grouped into several subfolders and include extended parts to further personalize and lengthen creations:

 • Intro/Outro: Here you can find the matching intro/outro track for the complete song.

 • Verse: Consists of the verse theme with all its single tracks.

 • Pre-Chorus: Within this folder you will find a pre-chorus which connects the verse and the chorus.

 • Chorus: Includes the main theme, with all its sounds and phrases.

 • C-Part: An alternate version of the chorus part, that works as a variation to keep things stimulating.


Elastik Project Harmony

 The given structure and features like key signature and tempo information, makes it as easy as possible to find a song or groove that will match your tracking needs and goals. The Elastik Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the songs to further fit your creations, such as:

 • High-speed time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms

 • Save single or complete audio files of original and modified loops

 • Mapping tools (automatic slice- & chromatic-map)

 • Mange content from multiple products in one interface

 • Innovative „LoopEye“ for fast loop variations

 • And many many more!!.

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در این پک آخرین ورژن الاستیک پلیر 2 و الاستیک پلیر 1.5 و آموزشهای ویدئویی مربوط به الاستیک پلیر به صورت رایگان به شما اهدا میشود





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