Ueberschall Elastik Dubstep

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بهترین و با کیفیت ترین لایه های بیس ، بیت و بریک سبک داب استپ از اوبرشال

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Ueberschall Elastik Dubstep

بهترین لایه های بیس ، بیت و بریک سبک داب استپ از اوبرشال

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Massive Beats and Monster Basslines. Ueberschall is back with another healthy double dose of prime time power with our first installment of the Dubstep movement. This release is perfectly produced for forward thinking Dubstep aesthetics. Dubstep rises to the occasion with 38 cutting edge Construction Kits and 1,432 pumping loops and samples.


 Jam packed with the hottest halfstep beats, deep subs, phat wobbly basslines, twisting melodies, bombastic build-ups, vocals, stomping chords and a massive effect section. Huge dubsteps, monster tunes and guaranteed awesome sounds. Climb to the olymp! Dubstep provides a highly effective way to develop dance floor bombs with a finger tip. Huge booming sounds and the insane programming of effects will deeply impress the biggest producers in the biz.


The 38 Construction kits contain up to 4 sub-kits and are organized as follows:

• Main Kit – Includes the main theme, sounds and phrases

• Variation Kit A, B & C – provide additional alternative phrases which is used to give you more flexibility

In addition to the 38 construction kit this library keeps an extra folder for wooble basslines and special dubstep vocals.


We made this library with one thing in mind; total inspiration. This is a red hot music tool made to be creative. All tracks are heavy hitting Dubstep rockers.


This installment is a heavyweight, extraordinary sound cluster with intense builds and threatening leads that will bring any crowd to a frenzy. Turn the speakers up to ten, start working with this product and prepare to have your socks blown off.

Elastik 2

 The given structure and features like labeled key signature and tempo information provide a very easy way of arranging a whole track including all the parts you need to make a perfect unique Dubstep tune. Additionally the brand new Elastik 2 Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the phrases to further fit your productions. Elastik gives you the chance to focus yourself 100% on creativity without having to hassle with scales and BPMs. It doesn’t matter which samples you want to combine, elastik gets the job done delivering better than expected results with ease.


 Responsible for this product is Marc Steinmeier. He has worked for companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG to name a few. He has assisted, produced or remixed for well known artists. He gave a lot of productions their break in terms of Sounddesign.

جهت اجرا به الاستیک ورژن 2 نیاز دارید که فروشگاه کیوبیس آنرا به رایگان در این پک اهدا کرده است

اکنون میتوانید اوبرشال الاستیک داب استپ را از فروشگاه کیوبیس در یک دی وی دی با قیمت 2900 تومان تهیه نمایید 





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