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Zero-G Ethera 2.0

وی اس تی وکال جدید Zero-G Ethera 2.0

دومین مجموعه از وکالهای زیبا و تکنیکی Ethera 2 از کمپانی Zero-G با صدایی حرفه ای و کیفیتی بی همتا رسید

وی اس تی وکال سینماتیک از کمپانی zero G دارای سه بخش مهم و کاربردی : Phrases, Pads and Legato که بخش اول آن دارای استایل های edm و soul و سلتیک ، اوپرایی ، فانتزی و بومی میباشد که برای خلق عبارات جدید موسیقیایی شما در این ژانرها با استفاده از زمان کشش نتها و نوع طول موج که شما تعیین کننده ی آن خواهید بود دست شما را باز نگه میدارد

فروش وی اس تی

User reviews (The praise from Ethera users has been universal – here are some reviews submitted by customers on the website of our distribution partner Time+Space):
“Ethera delivers! Ethera has a deep soul. Clara’s voice is transcendent. Since I purchased it upon its release, I have have made use of all three engines, particularly the Pads and Phrases. I highly recommend getting this.. You won’t regret it. With so many other voice products on the market, I only recommend the ones that deliver the goods for under $100 and Ethera certainly delivers!” – written by ‘Jawad Abu-Lughod’
“I’ve finally found her. For me, there’s nothing quite as expressive as the voice, and the female one at that. I’ve spent a while looking at the various options online and I bought Ethera wondering if she could be the answer to my prayers. Thankfully, she is. There’s something so haunting and melancholy about Clara’s voice. You feel like she’s pouring her heart and soul out with every note. The huge amount of patches leaves you with a staggering flexibility for your track. I’m using her with orchestral music, but I’m sure she would work in many applications. Ethera is the best female VI I’ve ever heard, frankly. It’s a very personal thing, and Clara’s voice just really resonates with me. I find her sound truly touching and very inspiring to write with! Isn’t that exactly what you want from an instrument?” – written by ‘OLIVER’
“At last I have purchased a vocal sound that fits my needs. The tonal structure of Clara is so soothing and the amount of things that her voice can be applied to, is endless. The imagination is inspired by just listening to her vocals. This, played over some Celtic Pads, is beautiful and heart lifting to say the least. Worth every penny, and I shall be spending hours upon hours on endless musical permutations.” – written by ‘AMBIOSIS’.”Ethera is one of the best libraries I bought this year, with an incredible warm and cinematic tone. I loved all the various legato patches, especially the Phoneme Legato. The phrases are gorgeous and very inspirational to work with and the vocal pads are great too. Highly recommended!” – written by Luca Francini

فروش وی اس تی


  • رمز فایل: cubase.shop
  • پسورد فایلهای قبل از سال 96 و قدیمی : www.vstsaz.ir
  • منبع: وی اس تی


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