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دانلود رایگان Orchestral Tools Berlin Percussion BUNDLE incl. EXP A Timpani KONTAKT

دانلود رایگان مجموعه پرکاشن جدید ارکسترال Orchestral Tools Berlin Percussion BUNDLE incl. EXP A Timpani KONTAKT با لینک مستقیم
در این پست در خدمت شما کاربران سایت فروشگاه کیوبیس هستیم با وی اس تی بانک پرکاشن نسخه ی فول و کامل
Percussion BUNDLE incl. EXP A Timpani از محصولات جدید کمپانی Orchestral Tools
تولید کننده ی وی اس تی های حرفه ای ارکسترال میباشد
این بانک بر پایه ی پرکاشن تیمپانی و ارکسترال بنا نهاده شده است
اکنون شما را دعوت میکنیم تا با دانلود 85 گیگابایتی این وی اس تی رایگان

در 9 پارت 10 گیگابایتی

با 10 درصد قابلیت ریکاوری در صورت حتی دانلود ناقص
در ادامه مطلب میهمان وی اس تی ساز باشید

وی اس تی Percussion BUNDLE incl. EXP A Timpani شامل پرکاشن ها و درامهای ارکسترال و حماسی زیر میباشد :

Bass Drums
Snare Drums
Roto Toms
Tubular Bells
TamtamsTambourine 2 Singles & Rolls

Berlin Percussion marks another major addition to the Berlin Series. A series well known for its flexibility, detail and its extensive sets of articulations, recorded with first call musicians from world-famous Orchestras at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.

In addition to all the new approaches and features brought by this Collection, it is the sound that makes Berlin Percussion outstanding.

All instruments are recorded in their natural positions within the beautiful acoustics of Teldex, famous for its perfect proportions of reverb for samples and live recordings. A room that isn’t too wet to stay flexible with your productions and which also isn’t too dry so that its natural acoustics help to blend all the orchestral instruments together as one entity.

With Berlin Percussion we followed the Multiple Instrument Concept that allows you to create your own unique percussion ensembles out of e.g. 7 different Snare Drums or 4 sizes of Gran Cassas. All of them are sampled individually and rich in details and articulations. A uniform mapping structure and articulation set let you easily stack instruments over each other.
All articulations and instruments are preserved in their natural volume balance. Switching e.g. from one snare drum to any other without changing notes in your arrangement is now possible.

The Instruments in Berlin Percussion offer a range of dynamics never heared before and with CAPSULE we were able to create absolutely smooth transition curves between all these dynamic layers to come as close to the real instrument as possible. The propensity to detail, the extensive set of articulations and the different mallets you can choose from make Berlin Percussion a suberb Orchestral Composing Tool which is designed to be used for many a year.

In more than two days of sessions, we captured the wonderful sound of orchestral Timpani with its many different facets in one of our favorite venues: The Teldex scoring stage in Berlin. The same stage where we recorded Berlin Woodwinds and Berlin Strings. Berlin Percussion EXP A: Timpani is the first library of its kind with True Damping Control, which enables you to dampen the skin on a very natural way by using special recorded release samples. The instrument was played by Sebastian Trimolt (credits includes soundtrack recordings for “The International” and Blue Man Group).

با 10 درصد قابلیت ریکاوری در صورت حتی دانلود ناقص

فقط در 9 پارت 10 گیگابایتی

فروش وی اس تی


  • حجم فایل: 85 گیگابایت
  • رمز فایل: cubase.shop
  • پسورد فایلهای قبل از سال 96 و قدیمی : www.vstsaz.ir
  • منبع: وی اس تی
  • 8 پارت 10 گیگابایتی و پارت آخر و نهم حدود 5 گیگابایت میباشد


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