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دانلود رایگان کانتکت پلیر Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 Update با لینک مستقیم



در این پست در خدمت شما کاربران سایت فروشگاه کیوبیس هستیم با جدیدترین نسخه و ورژن این  کانتکت پلیر Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 Update

 Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 Update  را هم اکنون میتوانید از این پست و در ادامه ی مطلب به همراه تماشای دموی تصویری آن از سایت فروشگاه کیوبیس بزرگترین و تنها سایت دانلود رایگان وی اس تی در ایران با لینک مستقیم رایگان و مجانی دانلود نمایید .

در ادامه ی مطلب با دانلود رایگان کانتکت پلیر Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 Update با لینک مستقیم ، میهمان وی اس تی ساز باشید .


فروش وی اس تی

نرم افزاری مشهور و قدرت مند و مورد نیاز آهنگسازان برای اجرای VST و سازهای مختلفی که تحت Kontakt اجرا میشوند.  توجه داشته باشید که بروز بودن نرم افزار Kontakt به شما این امکان را میدهد که همواره از جدید ترین VST ها که تحت این نرم افزار اجرا می شوند استفاده کنید. شرکت Native Instruments از شرکت های معروف و به نام است که برنامه های کانتکت را در دسترس شما عزیزان قرار میدهد .

در این ورژن با کیجن کردن بانکها رجیستر میشود

دانلود رایگان کانتکت پلیر Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 Update با لینک مستقیم

KONTAKT is the world’s leading software sampler. Its sophisticated sound engine, wide array of effects, powerful modulation possibilities, and advanced scripting brings a universe of sound to life with unrivaled playability and realism. And with an ever-growing feature set, KONTAKT continues to be the sample engine behind the future of sound.

WHAT’S NEW in 5.6.5
– ADDED New KSP UI control: XY Pad
– ADDED Re-introduced the Global Purge controls (removed with 5.6.0) as part of the File menu
– FIXED Some effects would block sound when loaded through KSP
– FIXED The Group MIDI Channel setting menu was broken
– FIXED Vertical window resizing was sluggish under certain conditions
– FIXED The KSP bitwise operators would cause parse errors in certain cases
– FIXED Crash when double-clicking on the header of Expert>Groups tab
– FIXED Crash when using certain context menus
– FIXED Crash when using the Next / Previous NKI buttons under certain conditions
– FIXED The size of the Quickload area was always reset after restarting Kontakt
– FIXED There was a graphical issue with level meters on instrument Performance Views
– FIXED The “Unwind Automation” setting was ignored by automation assignments made via KSP
– FIXED Issues with certain audio interfaces when using Kontakt standalone

Native Instruments Kontakt KeyGen v2.0.111

* Added : Bechstein Digital Grand
* Added : Big Fish Audio Grindhouse
* Added : Chris Hein – Solo Viola
* Added : Kirk Hunter Studios Virtuoso Ensembles
* Added : Native Instruments Kinetic Treats
* Added : Native Instruments Symphony Essentials Brass Collection
* Added : Native Instruments Symphony Essentials Woodwind Collection
* Added : Sonokinetic Maximo
* Added : Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass
* Added : Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark II
* Added : Q Up Arts California Keys
* Added : Scarbee Classic EP-88s
* Added : Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic 2
* Added : Spitfire Audio Albion V
* Added : Spitfire Audio North 7 Vintage Keys
* Added : Spitfire Audio Symphonic Brass
* Added : Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings (New)
* Added : uBEAT Bundle
* Added : uBEAT Elektro
* Added : uBEAT Hip Hop
* Added : uBEAT Hybrid
* Added : Wavesfactory Mercury
* Fixed : Name of Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings


1. You can edit password protected scripts.
2. You can edit protected patches.
3. You can resave protected libraries to uncompressed ones.


1. Generates genuine license for RAS1.x libraries.
2. Generates valid license for RAS2 software adnd libaries.
Due to ECDSA113 scheme, only our release can accept this license.


Since this version, resaving protected patch from “Save as…” doesn’t
work as expected. Use “Collect samples/Batch compress” instead. We have
confirmed working by following steps.

1. Open “Collect samples / Batch compress”.
2. Convert protected libraries to “Lossless compressed NCW”.
3. Open “Collect samples / Batch compress”.
4. Convert generated NCW to “Uncompressed WAV / AIFF”.

We recommend you to save the original protected library. Resaved
protected libraries are not really working sometime (due to the protection
scheme). Resaved library is not “Kontakt Player Library” anymore; You
can’t add to library tab.


For the future compatibility, we strongly recommned you to stop using
former UNLOCKED+CRACKED version and switch to the current +KEYGEN release
as soon as you can.

* The protection scheme (not only the anti piracy) of the NI has been
changed in last 5+ years. Every NI products scans registry, and share
the registration info between other products. This is especially
important part in some product like Kontakt, Reaktor, Maschine,
Komplete Kontrol. Kontakt is not a independent product.

* SNPID (000-999) is depleting. We think upcoming NI-Access (New Service
Center) is developed due to this issue. Adding user custom library by
providing wrong info or SNPID can cause confilct between other

* CRACKED Kontakt accept library too much and sometime accept broken
library, because some of the check routine are bypassed. There are no
guarantee that broken library can be used in the upcoming version of
the Kontakt. There are too many broken, repacked or resaved libraries
in the audio warez scene around there. R2R believe there will be less
damaged releases or uploads by switching to KEYGEN release.

We R2R members discussed this switch for long time before the decision.
Unless NI makes some significant change to the protection, we keep this
way for the upcoming release.

در ادامه لینک رایگان ، از این کانتکت را به همراه دمویی از آن در اختیار دوستان میگذاریم ، در خدمت شما دوستداران موسیقی هستیم و از همراهی و نگاههای مهربان شما عزیزان سپاسگزاریم .

با گروه فروشگاه کیوبیس همراه باشید .





  • رمز فایل: cubase.shop
  • پسورد فایلهای قبل از سال 96 و قدیمی : www.vstsaz.ir
  • منبع: وی اس تی


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