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دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم



دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم همواره از شما هنرمندان سایت وی اس تی ساز قدردانیم که با حضور هنرمندانه خود محفل سایت آهنگسازی ما را زینت و گرمی می بخشید .

در ادامه همراه شما عزیزان هستیم با دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم ، خدمت شما عزیزان خواهیم بود.

 وی اس تی  کم حجم اما باکیفیت بالا که مجموعه ای گسترده از سازهای بادی شرقی و بومی را شامل می شود . اینسترومنت های مختلفی در این وی اس تی موجود است که شامل : فلوت هندی Bansuri – نی ایرانی و ترکی – فلوت Kaval اروپایی – سوت پنی ایرلندی – فلوت مصری Zummara – ساز سرنای ترکی – نی انبان ترکی – Duduk ارمنی – نی انبان عربی و بسیاری دیگر ……

این وی اس تی تحت کنتاکت در ویندوز و مک قابل اجراست .

دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم

This library follows up Dirk Campbell’s popular and meticulous World Winds. This time his aim is to document the evolution of the musical instrument as it spread from the middle east, though of course near descendents of many of these instruments are still played today. Furthermore, many modern instruments can be traced back to less sophisticated ethnic instruments, some of which go so far back that in some cases we have no idea in what style they were played, even though we may know how to recreate the instruments themselves.

In this dual-format library, which extends to around 3.5GB (of which around 2GB are newly sampled world wind instruments), there are sections devoted to ancient horns, flutes, pipes, stringed instruments, vocals, percussion, sound effects, some pads, and drones made up by combining instruments (such as singing bowl and flute). The horns include things like Roman war horns and various animal horns, while the flutes cover most of the ethnic groupings and include Chinese flutes, the evocative duduk, the ney, the Welsh pibgorn and the Indonesian suling. Strings encompass things like zithers, the African kora, and various bowed instruments, while percussion ranges from ancient to African recycling, with drums made from old cans and car parts. In the sound effects department you’ll even hear swords beating on armour! In many cases, the pitch range of the original sound has been extended to allow additional creative freedom.

Despite a few outlandish inclusions, what this library offers is, in the main, playable multisampled instruments with a range of articulations and styles making extensive use of velocity switching, though there are also many complete phrases that show off the instruments to advantage and are suitable for weaving into compositions. Where possible the instruments have been left sounding as natural as possible, but some samples have been nudged into pitch to make them more usable. The vast majority of the instruments are monophonic (other than the double pipes), and though some of the instruments can be played as indefinitely sustaining loops, most are long enough that they can be played more naturally with the looping turned off.

دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم

As you might expect, some of the sounds are better suited to historic film and TV programmes than to general music, but even viewed as a selection of ethnic and unusual world sounds, there’s a lot to commend this library. I particularly like the wind instruments, but the singing bowls, Eastern percussion, and harmonic throat singing also stand out as being exceptional. Even the small selection of drones and pads is excellent, combining usability with a nice organic quality. There’s a lot more to this library than first meets the eye, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who likes to use world instruments. Obviously some of the sounds have counterparts in other ethnic libraries, but a lot of what you’ll find here is unique and very musically usable. Paul White

Acclaimed UK composer and multi-instrumentalist Dirk Campbell has sampled every instrument in his extensive ethnic wind collection, bringing you the evocative sounds of many rarities like the Bansuri (Indian flute), Turkish and Persian Ney flutes, Kaval (Southeast European flute), African flute, Suling Slendro and Suling Pelog (Javanese flutes), Irish Penny Whistle, Irish Low Whistle, Fujara (Slovakian Contrabass Whistle), Japanese Shakuhachi, Andean Panpipes, Armenian Duduk, Indian Shenai, Egyptian Zummara, Turkish Zourna, Gaida Bagpipes (Greek and Bulgarian, three types), Irish Uilleann pipes (three types), Scots Highland pipes, Medieval Praetorius Bagpipes, Turkish Tulum, Arabian Mezoued, Cretan Askomandura, Czech Dudy, Nafir (Moroccan trumpet) and African Kudu Horn.

دانلود رایگان وی اس تی Ilio – Dirk Campbell’s World Winds با لینک مستقیم





در ادامه لینک رایگان ،   این وی اس تی را در اختیار موسیقی دوستان میگذاریم  ، در خدمت شما دوستداران موسیقی هستیم  و از همراهی و نگاههای مهربان شما عزیزان سپاسگزاریم .

با گروه فروشگاه کیوبیس همراه باشید .



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